Women Do Not Care About Morality


Excerpt from the article:

If you’ve ever met a girl who was raised in a conservative Christian household, you might have gotten the line: “I don’t want to have sex before marriage.”
Now, most of these girls eventually succumb to environmental pressure, especially in college, and renounce their celibacy. I would argue that this is because men have also become lazy about the moral frameworks and religious frameworks handed to them (since women follow the lead of men), but this is a discussion for another time.
However, even the women who stay true to their moral, religion-derived framework are only using it as a sexual strategy.
This is evidenced by the high incidence of these women engaging in oral and anal sex. I’ve had girls tell me they’re waiting until marriage for sex, but then be perfectly happy to give oral sex. It’s really hard to take a girl’s religious morality seriously when you can have anal sex any time she’s with you. Seems like a pretty big violation of the spirit of the law, but remember, we’re dealing with women. If there’s a loophole in even one ambiguous word or tenet, be sure they will break it(plus, if you’ve ever taken the time to read scripture, you will know that while her hypocrisy is funny, the scriptural basis for her “celibacy until marriage” is thin at best).
Keep in mind, this is not a criticism of religion itself, it’s an analysis of female adherence to moral systems.
Why do women follow religiously moral frameworks at all? Three reasons.
  1. To follow the code of her social circle and remain an “in-group” member
  2. To use it as a screening tool to identify men in the social circle she values or to screen in men who can overcome and replace her moral framework with a new one
  3. To preserve her value. The more inexperienced the woman, the higher value she is. This is an amoral value judgment. A girl who’s been with 2 guys is far more valuable than a girl who’s been with 10 (if attractiveness is equal), because she’s harder to get.
If you want to see this through the lens of a different culture, check out this field report from a soldier who toured Iraq in 2004. The American army rolls in and cucks a bunch of locals on their patrols to find Al Qaeda members, and the women go crazy for them.
These new men have dominated all these girls’ patriarchs – their brothers, husbands, and fathers.
Despite these men keeping their women in line with a strong patriarchy via the frame of Islam, their dominance was immediately subverted in one patrol by a bunch of big, strong soldiers. The women instantly dropped their moral codes, if given a moment of freedom, to get sex from the new dominant force.
The nuances, histories, and traditions of these hyper-complex moral frameworks derived from mystical men who have communed with higher forces... are just boring to women. Let this anger you all you want, it is the truth.
What is important to them is: “How does this affect my sexual strategy?”
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