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What is the whitepill?

The Whitepill is an International Alliance Against Zionism And Blasphemy; it is the next Step to take after the blackpill. The members of this alliance consists of every human bein whose values and morales are based on conservative principles. It is time to unite all people from the manosphere to form an united front against this post-modern hellish world.

Why the whitepill forum?

Civilization is currently getting attacked by elitairian aristocracies who are only serving their own evil agenda. Within decades the family unit has been obliterated, morales and values have been abondoned, and blasphemy has become widespread. There are certain men who are giving financial and social support for illogical marxists movements in the great hope of distabilizing all pure conservative cultures and societies, with the current main focus on western civilization and its culture. If its inhabitants do not react now, it will be the end of the centuries-old conservative cultures and civilizations that exist today . With this in mind, there is an important need of a strong movement which can defend the values and morales of the religious and conservative people. That is why the whitepill ideology has been created as an servement of this purpose.

What is the purpose of this forum?

1) A Platform where knowledge , news and videos can be shared to educate ourselves and others.

2) A Discussion Platform where we can talk about the current state of the world

3) A Platform where we can find solutions for our problems

3) A Platform Where we can support each other (moneymaxxing sub-category)

The Unification of the common people

Nowadays there is to much splittering among conservative groups, there are too much segragrations between groups which furthers confuse among young men, that is why we need to act all under one banner; the whitepill. If we can unite under one banner we can achieve more things for our matter and we can strength each others cases. All groups (mgtow, incels , blackpillers , mra , muslims , christians) need to unify under one symbol. All Conservative Religions need to form an alliance, it is a neccesity that christian orthodox and muslims make a temporarily peace truce with each other for the purpose of a future moral healthy world.
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I recall Sergent the owner of incels.co made a thread on this as well on his site.
Uncomparable. He has his own definition of whitepill and i have my own defintion. His definition is based on budhism. With his whitepill he wants to teach us inner peace or something. Its totaly different.


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How many here are really interested in this? My experience is that very few are.
it is not that people have no interest, but it is that people have no guidance. They only complain about our current situation, because they don't know how to take action against it. There is no strong movement, once there is a strong movement people will get motivated and will find solutions to this problem. For example is the time before the nazis, everyone knew who the real (((problem))) were but they didn't knew how to respond, once there was a strong leader with a good plan and a strong party people got motivated and were helping each other out to take on the elitaire zionists.

We are currently in a depression phase, that is why the strong and intellegent people need to help the weaker and damaged people. If this movement gets bigger it will have a domino effect and people will get fired up. It only takes one domino stone to fall.
I prefer to call it the Godpill, basically realizing that Christianity had it right 2000 years ago and the abandonment of those morals and principles has brought a collapse to western civilization.

Whether you believe in God or not is irrelevant. If one applies the laws of Christianity onto yourself, you will quickly realize that you will be a much better person.

Unfortunately, you will be hated for denouncing degeneracy and a lot of the modern church has surrendered to the world.

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved. Matthew 10:22
The Nazi approach didn't work and wouldn't work if tried again. Only religion works.

We can see how many are interested in action by seeing how many practice religion. I will make a thread about that.