[Whitepill] The Whitepill explained (Liberalism & Zionism vs Sharialaw)


The Sharialaw has always been propagated as something evil and barbarous. The Media and Western governments has mislead you about sharialaw. They have propagated the liberated zionists as something good and they have propagated the sharialaw as something bad.

The chaos that we see today has all been caused by the liberal zionists. They have destroyed the family unit and demoralised civilization. The Liberal philosophy is very dangerous because it denies biology and human nature. They have abolished order and collectivism. The Sharialaw is very aware of human nature and provides structure in society. The Sharialaw encourages good behaviour and morales. It encourages desexualization of humans and natural functions of men and women. Unfortunately the west has been misled by liberals who work for the zionist agenda. Western society has been sexualized and demoralised. I fear that it may not take long before we see a big collapse. Only the sharialaw can provide the old structure that made western civilization so amazing. This might be a schock to you because you have been indoctrinated by liberal lies since you were young. The liberal zionists have caused us many problems that can only be fixed by the sharialaw. Below is a list what the liberal zionist have caused.

Liberal Zionist

1) Masculinization of women and feminization of men

-Increased masculine behaviour among women

-Increased women participation among masculine sport such as Boxing and MMA.

- Women taking more masculine jobs such as firefighting and army recruit.

- Increased female energy among boys caused by female teachers

-Increased female energy among boys caused by liberal propagenda via media and schools

-Increased social anxiety among men

-Increased submissive behaviour among men

-Increased male identity crisis among men caused by no father figure and no masculine environments.

-Increased single moms who feminized their male children

-Increased feminine behaviour among men

-Increased dominant behaviour among women

-Increased feminine jobs among men such as home caretaker and dance teachers

-Increased female idendity crisis caused by lack of feminine figure and masculine upbringing

2) Sexualization of society

- Increased consumption of porn industry

- Increased consumption of music industry

- Increased consumption of cosmetica industry

- Increased consumption of model industry

-Increased consumption of sexualized clothing

- Decreased clothing covering

- Increased sexualized dancing

- Increased sexualized movies

- Increased sex between younger couples

3) Demoralization of society

-Increased mental illness among people such as transgenderism and homosexuality

-Increased animalistic behaviour such as partying and dancing

-Increased recreative drugs taking and alchol drinking

-Restriction on parents for parenting

-Restriction on teachers for bringing order

-Increased disrespect among children for parents and teachers

-Increased crime among the youth

-psychopathic behaviour rewarderd with ceo and leadership positions

-bad behaviour rewarderd with short term prison lengths

-bad behaviour rewarderd with female validation and female sex
(bad boys fuck and nice guys betabuck)

-Prisoners rewarderd with sex by female guarders and high female attention

- Increased cheating among couples

-Increased hypergamy because of sexual revolution

-Increased bastard children

-Increased racemixing wich results in identity loss and cultural loss

-Decreased vocubulary among the youth

The Sharialaw is not what you have been thaught. The media is being selective when it comes to the sharialaw. They dont tell the context in wich rule is applied. The sharialaw is collectivistic and its purpose is for the greater good. We often hear only a part of the story but we dont hear the whole proces. For example a women that commits an sexual act is hardly punished by the sharialaw. In order to be convicted with this crime there needs to be atleast 4 witnesses. The women will be judged and she will recieve a punishment that has two effects. First of all it sends a message to the population to not commit sexual crimes. The second effect is that the women will not commit such crime anymore and will not be a bad example for others. The sharialaw prevents with its rules ; demoralization and sexualization of society. The liberal Zionist are the opposite of the sharialaw. They love chaos and demoralization among the population since that will help them to control the population. When people have no morales and are sexualized they will turn into animalistic creatures. They will have a weak idendity and will loss their civilised identity that made them powerfull and led them to rational thinking. When people loss their identity and their rational thinking then they will be just like a cattle of sheeps that has no structure.