[Whitepill] The Rules of The Whitepill Forum




-Racepill aka Racerealism
-Free speech

Not Allowed:

-Cartoons and Photos

The Difference between racepill and racebaiting:

Racepill is the pill that states that races are different and have different traits. We allow to speak about this differences but it always needs to be supported by arguments and studies. We don't allow low effort comments about race. Racebaiting means that you spamming threads about particular race. We also dont allow insults about race. We will admit that it may difficult if a comment is racebaiting or racepill. Thats why we will give warnings and lectures about the differences when racebaiting takes place.

Free speech:

No bad words are allowed and everything that has been said about a particular race , religion and philosophy needs to be provided with arguments or studies.
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