Developing a reddit alternative

I am developing a reddit alternative and I would like someone to help with the user interface.

In developing anything, one has to choose between good and money. This is because modern scum hate everything good and only like crap. This project will be good, and therefore unprofitable. I have always been involved in both kinds of project. For example Luan is a good programming language that I developed.

Why develop good things? First, because I use them. I use forums and I would like a good forum to use. Existing forums are crap. Second, because developing good things is the ultimate revolutionary act against modern degeneracy. And third, because developing good things improves one's skills in a way that developing crap can't.

My reddit alternative will be a social set of forums like reddit, but will have a more traditional forum user interface. The code will be open source and will be extremely flexible so that users can add any features they want. I want the default user interface to be very clean without the clutter of useless features standard on all modern websites.

I expect to attract those few users who aren't modern scum. So this service will serve a small community of decent people who value quality. I will also support free speech, so we would get those groups that tend to be censored by modern culture.

I am looking for someone who has a good sense of user interface design (which I don't have) and is willing to learn technology. I will teach you shell (command line), Mercurial (source control), HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Luan. You would learn a lot. Obviously I will not pay you for this since I expect to make no money. But I think developing great software is a more satisfying use of time than reading/watching the garbage on the internet. Please contact me if you are interested.