[Whitepill] A short explanation of The Whitepill


The whitepill is based on the blackpill and The sharialaw. The whitepill doesn't believe in hard work and self improvement. We believe in genetic determinism and smart work. We believe that everyone has got its genetic strenghts and we need to use our strenghts in order to make money. We believe that self improvement is almost effectless and uninificient. We don't focus on looksmaxxing or charismamaxxing since those two attributes are determined by genetics. We will focus on wich good traits we have in order to make money and thus attract females and high social status. We believe in self acceptance and we believe that we can achieve an happy life without worrying about our genetic weakness.

The Blackpill and The sharialaw are both providing us of powerfull knowledge. The sharialaw is also an instruction on how society should be ruled and how humans should behave.

The goals of the forum are below:

-Share knowledge on how to make money

-Share blackpill and sharialaw knowledge

-Teach us Sharialaw rules

-A forum where you can relax and communicate with other males

-A forum where freespeech is allowed

We hope that this forum will help males in this difficult zionist liberal times of history. We hope also that our forum will be a big succes. Share and support this forum!